What is the Proper Fish Oil Dosage For Adults?

f you’re wondering about the right fish oil dosage, than you already fully understand the importance of taking in these essential nutrients to boost your immunity and overall health. Whether you are trying to lower your cholesterol without dangerous drugs; relive your arthritis pain and swelling; or simply boost your immune system, these oils play an important role.

Fish oil is packed with loads of important Omega-3 fatty acids, of which there are several types, that your body needs to thrive (and survive), but that it cannot make on its own. While there are a few foods that contain limited amounts of Omega 3’s, the two best ways to get the right amounts (and the right ratio of each) is to either eat a lot of the right seafood, or take a quality supplement.

But what is the proper fish oil dosage for the average adult? If you are eating fish to get your daily allowance of Omega 3 fatty acids, you’d need to eat between 14-28 ounces of mackerel, halibut, cod or sardines at least four times every week. There are other fish that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, but since the levels are lower, you’d be forced to eat even more fish every week to get the right amount.

Taking an omega 3 supplement is much easier (and cheaper) for most people, but since the FDA has not made any formal dosage suggestions to date, many people are left wondering RAD 140 testolone what the correct dosage is.

According to the American Heart Association, who advocates regular fatty fish intake to prevent and treat heart disease, 100-200 mg of fish oil per day is essential to maintain optimal health and well being. Of course, people who are using fish oil to lower already high cholesterol, or maintain a stable glucose level, may increase their fish oil dosage to three or four times that amount under the proper medical supervision.

As good as fish oil is for you, too much can be harmful to some people, especially those with clotting issues or who are taking blood thinners, so be sure to check your dosage with your physician to avoid any problems.