Two Types of Freedom – Is There a Difference Between Location Independence and Sovereign Living?

The world is spinning further and further out of control. And governments everywhere are trying to take more of your freedoms away. Every day, more and more people are looking for a way out.

They want a way out being constantly controlled. They want a way to live any where they want to live in the world. And they want a way to finally be free. Free to work from the beach, mountains or some foreign big city. Maybe, that even describes you?

You have probably heard the terms location Location independence independence and sovereign living. Chances are very good, that you have even seen them used interchangeably. And there is a lot of cross over and commonality between the two, but…

In reality, there is a very large disparity between the two. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will understand those differences.

You will also know that while it is possible to have both sovereign living and location independence. It is also possible to either have one or the other. And you will begin to see how while one group may have lots in common with the other. There may also be profound differences.

You will be able to spot which of these options, is more interesting to you. Making it easier for you to find proper information. You may find yourself more excited in one or the other. Or you could find that both are needed to truly be free.

The first thing to understand is that sovereign living is more political and philosophical. Location independence on the other hand, is more about lifestyle and tools. But let’s dive a little further into each.

Location independence refers to the ability to live and work any where in the world you choose. It involves lifestyle choices that make it possible to pack up and go.