Selling a House With Code Violations

Can You Sell a Home That Isn’t Up to Code?

If your house has experienced many handyman projects or DIY home improvement projects through the years, there is a good chance there are some hidden codes of conduct violations. Even if these issues were caused by an earlier owner, you may be liable to address them.

Yes, you can sell your house without a code violation. In this post , we’ll discuss the most common building violations and the best way to sell a home that isn’t in compliance with standards.

  1. Improperly Vented Bathroom

The most frequent error that plagues DIY bathroom renovations is not related to the plumbing or tiles. It’s improper ventilation. Some homeowners don’t take the distance required to vent air to the to the outside. Instead, they simply release a bathroom fan direct into an attic.

This is a major error. The process of pumping humid air into a closed area can encourage an increase in mold which could cause wood to decay. If left unchecked, it may cause serious destruction.

  1. Insufficient Bedroom Windows

The majority of garages, basements or attic space could be transformed into a bedroom, which will add value to your house. However, to be code-compliant, the bedroom needs to have an egress window large enough to allow an adult to walk through. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers learn more

A majority of cities require a window that is at least 20 inches in width and 24 inches tall. If your window isn’t big enough it could result in an expensive code violation.

  1. Not Having Up-to-Code Electric Work

When you think about electrical wiring there are numerous reasons that your house might not be functioning properly. Common mistakes in wiring at home are:

  • Switches without a neutral wire.
  • Incorrectly installing the cover on outdoor Receptacles.
  • The process of making an electric connection is not the junction box.
  • Insufficient electrical bonding.
  • The wrong type or circuit breaker.
  • Insufficient receptacles are being installed.

A few of these issues aren’t too difficult for a skilled electrician to repair. Some may require the removal of walls, or wiring your home.

  1. Poorly Fastened Deck

Few home improvements are more rewarding as building your own deck or more terrifying than watching it crumble. As per the North American Deck and Railing Association the most frequently reported decking violations include:

  • Attaching the deck using nails (which could pull them out) instead of bolts.
  • Insufficient flashing could cause the wood that lies behind the beam to turn to.
  • Railing attachments that are not properly shaped or not rounded could cause the railing to break.

How to Sell Your House (Without Bringing It Up to Code)

If you’re not able to spare the time or funds to correct any code violations in your home inspection it is still possible to sell your home. Real estate investors like HomeVestors will purchase the property in its current condition, regardless of whether it’s up to the code or not. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining the required permits or hiring a contractor and spending a lot of cash trying to bring your house up to code. Instead, you can offer your home without having make any repairs.