Morphotypes in Bodybuilding

We are not all equal in terms of muscle hypertrophy. The difference lies in the speed of our metabolism. The more it is fast, the more quickly the ingested calories are burned. Keep in mind that regardless of morphotype, everyone has a chance to make progress in bodybuilding by adapting his diet.

Ectomorph body type.

An ectomorphic person is skinny, has a fine bone structure and long muscles. His metabolism is very fast, this means that gaining muscles is more difficult than for other individuals. The advantage of this morphotype in bodybuilding is that the bodybuilder does not need to do fat burning exercises to achieve good muscle definition. Simply by reducing calorie intake below the daily caloric expenditure, his body will fall naturally in need. It will have no choice but to draw directly on fat stores.

In reality this morphotype is not beneficial in bodybuilding but rather in endurance sports. The body already consumes a significant amount of calories to maintain current weight of the subject. In order to develop its musculature, it is necessary to eat a lot and regularly to exceed its caloric needs at rest. A snack every 3 hours is perfect. Also you should consume carbohydrates and fats! If your brutal force sarms reddit body lacks these nutrients, your proteins that will play the energy role and you can say goodbye to your muscle growth.

It’s not because you are an ectomorph that you will not progress in bodybuilding. This morphotype possesses advantages that the mesomorphs do not have, such as flexibility or the innate muscle definition. You will progress as long as you eat more calories. Concerning workouts, an ectomorph is more exposed to overtraining because his joints are more fragile but also because this body is difficult to satisfy. Ectomorphes must get enough sleep; the recovery phase should not be taken lightly!

Mesomorph body type.

This morphology type is perfectly suited for bodybuilding. A mesomorphic person has broad shoulders and a sculpted chest. His joints are stronger than ectomorph’s ones and his bones are thicker. Thus, the handling of heavy loads is not a problem. Generally a mesomorphic individual has a little fat excess and a good muscle mass without doing sport. This muscle mass is an advantage when starting out in bodybuilding because it opens doors to more complete physical exercises such as dips or squats.